Quiz: How resilient are you?

Perhaps you wonder if you have the ability to be resilient—to bounce back—when serious challenges come your way.

Complete the quiz below using Yes or No answers.

1. Do you feel like you’ve gotten stronger after having faced tough times? _____
2. In situations of crisis or chaos, do you manage to calm yourself down and start problem-solving and/or planning for useful actions you could take? _____
3. Do you talk about your experiences with friends, family members or work colleagues when hard times hit? _____
4. When you’re surprised by a sudden change or problem, do you manage to see the challenge as temporary and believe you can overcome it? _____
5. Have there been times when you have transformed misfortune and, over time, found benefits or lessons in the bad experiences? _____
6. Have you ever found humor in situations that seem mostly disastrous, or otherwise said to yourself, “This calamity will make a great story someday”? _____
7. Instead of feeling discouraged or angry for a long period, are you able to fairly quickly get past an uncomfortable situation that may have at first put you in a bad mood? _____
8. Are you comfortable asking others for help when you can’t figure out how to handle a perplexing challenge? _____
9. When confronted with a stressful situation, do you remember to take care of yourself in ways that help you stay healthy? _____


About your results

If you had more “yes” than “no” responses in the columns above, then you probably possess a good range of coping skills that can help you deal with adversity. If the majority of your responses were “no,” then you have the opportunity to build your resilience skills by:

  • Learning to see challenges in a positive light even though they may at first seem overwhelming.
  • Sharing your feelings with other people without worrying about “toughing it out” alone.
  • Learning to be more flexible when challenges arrive rather than insisting on a single solution.
  • Taking care of yourself by getting enough rest, eating a balanced diet and using relaxation techniques.
  • Expecting change to occur constantly in life, and viewing change as a way to learn and grow.


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