Self-Care Programs

Improve your emotional health

When it comes to your emotional health, finding the care and support you need can be hard. Online programs help you learn and practice skills so you can feel better on your own time. Programs are confidential and available to complete at your own pace, 24/7/365.

**Remember, if you are in crisis or considering suicide, or if you or someone you know is currently in danger, please call 911 immediately.**

Begin a self-assessment using a modern browser such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Safari, to help determine recommended programs for your needs. Please be sure to turn your pop-up blockers off. Once you complete the assessment, you will see access codes to enable you to begin the programs. Programs can be completed online through your web browser, and select programs can also be downloaded as mobile apps on your mobile device.

Available programs
  • RESTORE: A seven-session program and mobile app that teaches new skills to help improve sleep including sleep restrictions, sleep hygiene, and mindfulness
  • FearFighter: A nine-session program and mobile app for general anxiety, panic attacks and phobias, that focuses on the development of self-management skills to help participants overcome their anxiety
  • MoodCalmer: A four-session program and mobile app for low mood or depression that teaches skills to recognize unhelpful thoughts, and motivates participants with real life examples
  • Shade: A ten-session program for alcohol and/or drug use that includes education on alcohol, narcotics, cannabis, and depression, as well as activities for monitoring mood and triggers
  • OCFighter: A nine-session program for obsessive compulsive disorder that focuses on helping participants understand ritual impacts, identify triggers, and develop self-management skills
  • ComfortAble: A seven-session program for chronic pain that focuses on helping participants improve functioning, prevent pain flare-ups and change unproductive thoughts and behaviors

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