Mind Your Mental Health - January is National Get Organized Month

January is National Get Organized Month

Many people don’t realize how much energy and focus they lose when they’re disorganized at work or at home. To keep a
disorganized home or workspace from draining you:

  • Assess your spaces. When you enter your work or leisure spaces, do they make you feel good and ready to achieve? Or,
    do they feel stale and burdensome? If it’s the latter, schedule time-limited get-organized efforts.
  • Categorize the clutter. Starting one zone at a time, sort items into categories such as trash, keep, donate, recycle,
    undecided and sell. Store “keepers” in clearly labeled bins, boxes and other such containers. Give donation items to
    charities or thrift stores, take loads to recycle centers, and organize a garage sale.
  • Get a fresh start. Straighten your work spaces at day’s end so you can start fresh tomorrow. Longer term, completely
    rearrange your physical spaces periodically; this will refresh your thinking and creativity!

This month, Stamp Out Stigma is taking the opportunity to bring more awareness around mental health after the new year. We will be highlighting the importance of self-care habits to try as 2021 begins, as well as share resources and tips on how to spread mental health awareness to others. Throughout January, we encourage family, friends, and loved ones to prioritize their mental health in the new year. Here are some important facts you should know:

Remember, mental illness does not discriminate. Join us to help bring attention to the importance of sharing mental health stories and help improve the lives of millions of Americans living with a mental illness.

Help is available! Visit www.MagellanHealthcare.com/About/MYMH or contact your program to learn more about how to help yourself or someone you care about.