Lifestyle Coaching FAQ

What is Lifestyle Coaching?
A Lifestyle Coach will help you clarify your goals, identify any obstacles holding you back and find solutions to overcome the obstacles. Your coach will work with you to achieve your goals by providing you with support, resources and accountability. Examples of goals Lifestyle Coaching can help with include maintaining a healthy weight, personal improvement, relationship concerns and work performance.

Is Lifestyle Coaching the right fit for me?
Ask yourself these questions:
1. Do you want to make a positive change in your life?
2. Are you willing to put in the work to make that change?
If the answer is yes to both, you are likely a great fit for Lifestyle Coaching.

Is Lifestyle Coaching the same as Counseling?
No, Lifestyle Coaching is not the same as Counseling. Counseling tends to be a longer-term process that focuses on the past and involves a depth of introspection and processing in the hope of solving past and/or problematic issues.
Lifestyle Coaching is short-term and focuses on clarifying goals and identifying obstacles to creating action plans to achieve results. The Coaching process takes your current starting point as acceptable neutral ground. It is action-based from that point on and helps you find solutions to get from point A to point B. Your coach may offer new ideas and action steps, but they are not there to tell you what to do.

Will working with a coach impact the Counseling benefit through my program?
Lifestyle Coaching can be done in conjunction with Counseling with no impact on your counseling sessions.

What happens if I realize I need Counseling instead of Lifestyle Coaching?
If you ever find that counseling would be better for you, simply tell your coach how you’re feeling. Your coach will be able to provide you with resources to find a counselor. You can always return to coaching as soon as you are ready.

What can you expect during the first Lifestyle Coaching session?
Take your time before your first session and think about what you want to achieve through Lifestyle Coaching. In the first session, your coach will spend time discussing the goal you want to set for yourself and all the obstacles you have identified to achieving your goal.

The result of a Lifestyle Coaching session should be more clarity, direction and inspiration to continue taking actions towards your goals.
Your Lifestyle Coach will serve as a guide, supporter and cheerleader as you set goals during your first session and make further progress in subsequent sessions.

How long is a Lifestyle Coaching session?
The initial session usually lasts up to 45 minutes. Follow-up sessions are usually shorter and run around 25 minutes.

How many Lifestyle Coaching sessions do I have?
You and your coach work together to set goals and track progress toward those goals. Expect to receive up to six Lifestyle Coaching sessions per calendar year. Lifestyle Coaching is not designed for long-term goals. A focus on measurable goals lends itself to shorter collaboration with your coach.

How is Lifestyle Coaching conducted?
Lifestyle Coaching is conducted over the phone or by video conference.

Is Lifestyle Coaching just for individuals? Or for couples, families, etc.?
Lifestyle Coaching is for individuals only.

Will there ever be a cost?
No, there will never be any costs associated with Lifestyle Coaching.

How frequently will I meet with my Lifestyle Coach?
Lifestyle Coaching sessions are typically scheduled once every two weeks, but could be spaced further apart or closer together based on your needs.

What are the qualifications of Lifestyle Coaches?
Lifestyle Coaches are certified and trained in coaching and continue to receive training and supervision to improve skills and areas of expertise.

What if I don’t like my Lifestyle Coach? Can I request a new one?
Yes, a new Lifestyle Coach can be requested.

Can I request a Lifestyle Coach that has specific qualifications/criteria? For example, I want to work with a female, African American Lifestyle Coach. Is that an option I have?
Yes. We will accommodate specific requests based on current Lifestyle Coaching staff.

Is there a minimum age for someone to seek out Lifestyle Coaching? What if a minor wants to talk with a coach?
Lifestyle Coaching is provided to individuals 18 years or older.

I’m a manager. Can I refer one of my employees to Lifestyle Coaching?
Yes, managers may let employees know about the Lifestyle Coaching benefit, but no information will be provided back to the manager regarding the employee’s utilization/participation.

Who do I contact with additional questions about Lifestyle Coaching?
If you have a question that is not answered here, please call your program.



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