Mind Your Mental Health: National Get Organized Month

January is National Get Organized Month 

Studies show that people waste up to an hour every day, on average, searching for things that they’ve misplaced. The new calendar year is a good time to enhance your organization skills, so your life runs more smoothly. 

  • Begin by assessing areas where you spend most of your time. Do your work and/or leisure spaces feel stale and burdensome to you? Target them first for clutter cutting. 
  • Set up clearly labeled bins, boxes, jars and other such containers. Keep frequently used items close by in labeled containers and stow rarely used items away in labeled containers. 
  • Work hard to discard. Don’t hesitate to recycle, donate, shred or sell items you’re not using. 
  • Make a habit of placing commonly used objects like your keys, phone, purse, wallet and sunglasses in one place only. This will help eliminate panicked, last-minute scrambles.  

Throughout the entire month of January, there are a number of nationally recognized themes including:

  • Mental Wellness Month
  • No Name Calling Week (Jan. 17-21)
  • National Clean Off Your Desk Day (Jan. 11)
  • National Fun At Work Day (Jan. 28)
  • National Compliment Day (Jan. 24)
  • Bell Let’s Talk Day (Jan. 26)

This month, Stamp Out Stigma is taking the opportunity to bring more awareness around mental health after the new year. We will be highlighting the importance of self-care habits to try as 2022 begins, as well as share resources and tips on how to spread mental health awareness to others. Throughout January, We encourage family, friends, and loved ones to prioritize their mental health in the new year.

Mind Your Mental Health (MYMH) helps raise awareness about mental health issues to help you and your friends, family, and coworkers learn practical ways to support your own mental health and gain an understanding of how to help others. 


Visit the MYMH web page to learn more:  www.magellanhealthcare.com/about/bh-resources/mymh