New resources to protect yourself from identity theft

Did you know that 37 billion records of data were either leaked or stolen in 2020? Through your program, you have access to Identity Theft Resolution at no cost to your and your household members. New for 2022 is the ID Breach Scan - an extra layer of identity theft prevention.

The ID Breach Scan:

  1. Helps to determine personal identity safety at your convenience.
  2. Provide educational knowledge to the damage severity of compromised information.
  3. Brings to light the numerous data breaches you may not know you’ve been a part of.

Click here to access the Identity Theft Resolution website and get started with the ID Breach Scan.

On the website, you will notice a new header (ID Scan) and a new tile (FREE ID Breach Scan).  To get started, simply submit an email address to the Identity Theft Resolution platform and immediately view a list of all known compromised records associated with that email address. The new ID Breach Scan does not collect, nor store submitted email addresses.