Building a Thriving Life

Building a thriving life

While it’s common to focus on just getting through each day—or basic survival—there’s a higher path available to you if you choose it. Researchers have studied people who seem to consistently thrive (rather than just survive) and they’ve identified several core elements of a vibrant, healthy life. Are you ready to go there?

  • Thriving individuals often experience a continuing sense of personal development, resulting in becoming experts in specific activities of focus. Essentially, they come to feel good about themselves and how they apply their skills.
  • They’re able to accept where they are in life, while also being able to visualize and take concrete action steps toward greater possibilities.
  • They’re committed to improving their knowledge, resilience, openness to new experiences, physical health, relationships and willingness to work through uncertainty.

Consider these attributes as you work on becoming the best possible version of yourself!

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