Managing Emotions During Uncertain Times

The media coverage of Russia’s invasion of the Ukraine, although informative, may be disturbing for some. Many may have family, friends or loved ones directly impacted, while others are simply attempting to manage their emotions and the emotions of their children as this coverage remains highly visible in the media.

The resources below are offered to assist you in maintaining your resiliency and reducing stress, and provide information on ways to address the emotions of young children. Please also explore the website for additional resources and information or if you are interested in consultation or an appointment with and EA Professional please contact the toll free number to get started. 

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Bounce Back from Setbacks

Being resilient generally means that you’re able to adapt to the hard times and challenges of life. When you encounter stress, trauma, or tragedy, you can cope with adversity and keep functioning successfully, both psychologically and physically.

Become More Resilient

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Childhood Fears and Exposure to Violence

Every child's fears are different and parents may not even recognize that some behaviors are based on fears. In addition, most children in the United States and Canada are exposed to violence on television, in movies, and in other media on a regular basis. Know what to look for and how you can help.

There are things parents can do to help children deal with fears and exposure to violence.

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Tapping the Power of Optimism

Optimism is having a hopeful, positive outlook on the future, yourself, and the world around you. It is a key part of resilience, the inner strength that helps you get through tough times.

Adjust Your Outlook

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Examining Your Beliefs to Manage Stress

When your beliefs conflict with the way you live your life, stress may result. It may be helpful to examine your belief systems so you can better manage stress. 

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