Finding your Purpose

Amidst the fast pace of modern existence, it can be hard to hear your inner voice and live life according to your unique values. Work, family responsibilities and societal expectations can combine to drown out your search for meaning. However, you can live with greater purpose.

  • Stop and take stock of your life. Decide if you’re adhering to your values or just going through the motions.
  • Find a quiet place and listen for your heart’s desires. Think: Is there a cause to which I’d like to devote myself? Is there a specific population I’d like to serve? Is there a certain art form I’d love to pursue?
  • Sometimes our passions become so buried under life’s details that we lose them. Get specific about what fires you up, and try linking these interests to service, e.g., your talent plus helping people = purpose.
  • With your new goal, build an action plan with achievable interim steps. Track your progress!


Additional sources: Thrive Global, BetterUp.

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This webinar will:

  • Define mindfulness
  • Identify your unique gifts, talents and interests
  • Discuss techniques to maintain your life purpose


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