Becoming a Mental Health Ally

Mental health allies are people who understand the isolating, often debilitating discomfort of mental health problems. Such allies create safe spaces where others can feel comfortable discussing their mental states and seeking treatment. Allies share their own mental health stories, and they encourage struggling individuals to seek help.

  • Educate yourself and your colleagues about behavioral health issues.
  • Prepare to talk one-on-one with teammates who might be struggling and encourage your workgroup to be sensitive to others’ mental health challenges.
  • When someone is experiencing a mental health problem, it’s usually difficult for them to request help.
  • Start conversations that create a safe space for someone to talk about their problem so they can move toward assistance without needing to ask. By sharing your own mental health experience—whether it’s with a serious, lifelong mental illness or your daily struggles with anxiety—you open the door for people to see themselves in your story and feel less alone.


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