Monthly Wellbeing Tip

Trying to eat healthier? Don't shop without a list. Choose whole, nutrient-packed foods over processed items. Add variety by picking new fruits and vegetables.

Unhealthy choices can lead to a cycle that's tough to break. You might feel bad about your eating choices after you make them, which can lead to more bad choices. Or you might not feel your best when your body doesn't get the nutrition it needs.

But you can break this cycle. It starts with making healthy eating a little easier for yourself—and making it a priority—even when you're stressed or busy.

Try to make healthy eating a little more convenient. You probably have lots of ideas. Here are a few to get you thinking.

Keep healthy snacks with you.
You can put snacks in your car, keep some at work, or keep them around the house. Try an apple or a banana, or a prepacked fruit cup (no sugar added).

Make a list of quick, easy-to-prepare meals at home.
Think salad greens paired with tuna, turkey breast, or poached chicken. Or a soup made with low-sodium broth and fresh or frozen vegetables. You can also make the meals ahead of time and freeze them to save for busy nights.

Have low- or no-sugar drinks on hand.
Keep a supply of healthier drinks at work or at home.

Buy precut veggies.
Or slice them on your day off. Then they'll be ready to eat on busy workdays.