Program Brochures and Orientations


EAP Overview Brochure EAP Financial Brochure EAP Legal Brochure

EAP Overview Brochure

Problems in your work or personal life can affect your well-being and ability to do your job effectively. The EAP is here 24/7 to help you work through issues related to work, family, relationships, health, finances, substance use, and more.

Financial Services Brochure

Sound information and planning are critical to achieving financial success. To help you reach your financial goals, the EAP offers objective, targeted information on a variety of financial matters.

Legal Services Brochure

Because you may occasionally face a legal situation or have questions that you’d like to discuss with an attorney, the EAP provides consultation and referrals for a wide range of legal services and topics.

Supervisor's Guide

Your organization depends on you to advance its mission, and your employees rely on you to provide consistent leadership. Because today’s constantly changing work environment can pose a challenge, we offer personalized guidance and consultation just for managers and their unique needs.

Employee Orientation

The EAP provides many employer-paid benefits and services. Watch this video to better understand what's available and how we can help.

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Supervisor Orientation

This orientation introduces supervisors to the overall EAP and the specific services offered to managers.

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