May is Mental Health Month

Talking more freely about mental health and continuing to reduce the stigma around getting treatment are hallmarks of this annual observance. Mental Health Month is a time to raise awareness of and reduce the stigma surrounding mental health issues, as well as highlight the impact mental illness and addiction have on society.

Mental Health Facts

  • More than 50 million Americans struggle with mental health conditions

  • Rates of youth depression rose from 12.9 percent to 25.2 percent from the pre-pandemic period to 2021

  • Most Americans lack access to adequate mental health treatment, as 54.7 percent of adults with mental illnesses did not receive care in the last year

  • Members of the LGBTQ+ community are almost three times more likely than others to experience a mental health condition such as major depression or generalized anxiety disorder

  • Annual prevalence among U.S. adults, by condition:
    • Anxiety disorders: 19.1%
    • Major depressive episode: 8.3%
    • Posttraumatic stress disorder: 3.6%