Identity Theft Resolution

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Identity theft is a serious issue. Whether it's the unauthorized or attempted use of your credit cards or bank accounts, or the misuse of your personal information, identity theft can damage your credit rating and can lead to serious legal and financial problems. The Identity Theft Resolution Program is available to you and your eligible household members at no cost. When you suspect you may have experienced an identity theft issue, please call your program as soon as possible and ask to be connected to a Fraud Resolution Specialist (FRS). The FRS will provide you with an ID Theft Emergency Response Kit, as well as assist you with seven emergency response activities.

Key features
  • Provide you with an ID Theft Affidavit, answer any questions with regard to completing the affidavit, and counsel you on submitting the affidavit to the proper authorities, credit reporting agencies, creditors, collection companies and law firms
  • Provide separate fraudulent account forms or letters for itemizing each fraudulent occurrence and advise you on where to submit those forms and letters
  • Direct you where to report the fraudulent activity and how to notify the local and federal authorities, as well as the fraud departments of your creditors
  • Provide contact information for the three major credit reporting agencies: TransUnion, Experian and Equifax
  • Advise you on how to obtain a free copy of the your credit report (now and every four months thereafter), and how to place a “Fraud Alert” and/or “Security/Credit Freeze” on your credit file
  • Provide you with an Emergency Response Kit™, which includes contact information and preventative steps to take immediately
  • Educate you on how identity theft occurs and inform you of protective measures to take to avoid further ID theft occurrences and resulting damage to your credit history and credit score


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