Autism Connections

Helping you meet the challenges of Autism Spectrum Disorder

Navigating the healthcare system can be challenging for people raising children with autism spectrum disorder. With Magellan Autism Connections, you can be confident in knowing that your unique needs are in the hands of caring experts who want only the best for your children.

Key features

  • Individualized care planning—every child’s situation is unique. Care coordinators work with everyone involved in the child’s treatment to develop a custom care plan that optimizes treatment and services.
  • Enhanced care coordination—care coordinators follow the child’s treatment from beginning to end, ensuring goals are met and redirecting care as needed for the best outcomes.
  • Proprietary decision support system—this tool helps coordinators stay up to date on clinical guidelines, research and treatment options throughout the child’s treatment.
  • Intensive caregiver support—caregivers receive training, access to social support networks, and educational materials.
  • Fully credentialed provider network—ASD providers are rigorously evaluated to ensure they meet the highest standards.
  • Clinical excellence—every care coordinator is certified in Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA). They understand the language and processes of the providers in network, enabling them to quickly facilitate each child’s treatment. The autism physician provides clinical expertise and supports efficient utilization management.

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