April 2024

Financial Unity: Successful Money Management in Relationships

Maintaining wellness as a hybrid employee is central to overall health and productivity. For those who split time between working from home and in an office, you may experience a blend of physical, mental, and organizational challenges. Try these wellness tips for balancing your hybrid work schedule and your well-being.

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March 2024

Wellness Tips for Hybrid Employees

Today’s modern work arrangements offer more telework options, and maintaining wellness as a hybrid employee is central to overall health and productivity. For those who split time between working from home and in an office, you may experience a blend of physical, mental, and organizational challenges. Keep reading for tips for balancing your hybrid work schedule and your well-being.

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Anxiety, Stress, and Resilience

February 2024

Coping with Trauma

Coping with trauma can be challenging and is a gradual, ongoing process. It may take time and effort, but with persistence and self-kindness, you can develop strength and resilience to manage the effects of trauma and lead a productive, fulfilling life. Everyone's experience is unique, and what works for one person may not work for another. Start your healing journey today with these compassionate coping tips.

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March 2023

Worry Less

While feeling anxious is a normal reaction to stress, for some of us, it’s the norm. Here’s what you need to know about anxiety and how to prevent it from being a daily deterrent that keeps you from the things and people you love.

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February 2023

Realize Your Resilience

Stress is a daily challenge and can pop up anywhere. Ramp up your resilience and be ready at any turn with these stress-hardy suggestions.

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November 2021

Gift Yourself a Break This Holiday Season

During the holidays, calendars fill up, family members visit, and we spend, volunteer, travel, and eat more than usual. Do things differently this year with a few simple strategies to help you manage seasonal pressure and anxiety and take good care of yourself.

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June 2021

Raising Resilient Children

Children aren’t naturally resilient, they learn to be. Help your kids persevere and gain the skills to handle uncertainty, problem-solve, and make decisions with confidence.

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June 2023

Caregiving: Your Shared Journey

Tending to the needs of someone you love can be a rewarding experience, but constantly focusing on another’s needs sometimes comes at the expense of your own well-being. Make caregiving less taxing, and discover ways to take care of them and yourself while enjoying your time together.

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May 2021

Making Conflict a Conversation

Disagreements are inevitable. Turn an argument into a conversation and debate with grace and respect for a more productive outcome.

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Girl on a swing

June 2023

Keeping an Eye on Kids' Mental Health

As your child develops, it’s normal for their behavior, emotions, and abilities to change over time. At times, though, it can be hard to know whether what’s different about them is normal, just a phase, or a more serious mental health concern. Know what to look out for and when to seek help.

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September 2022

Identifying the Signs of Abuse

Although we typically think of abuse as involving some element of physically violent or aggressive behavior that results in bodily harm, this isn’t always the case. Abuse and violence can occur in many forms, and the evidence isn’t always visible.

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August 2021

The Flourishing Family

The way family members interact with, relate to, love, and support one another contributes to the overall dynamic. Form better bonds, improve communication, and watch your family thrive.

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Book with gold coins swirling out into the sky and clouds.

January 2024

The Golden Rules of Financial Literacy

Financial literacy is the ability to understand and effectively manage your finances. While there are many aspects to financial literacy, below are the fundamental basics for making informed financial decisions.

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Photo collage of various finance concepts

October 2023

Future-Focused Finances

The future of your finances goes beyond just you. Here’s what to consider when planning your estate to ensure your family is taken care of.

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$100 bills in a bird's nest

July 2023

Be Social Security Savvy

Your Social Security benefits are more than just a line item on your earnings statement. Let’s find out what you can do now to ensure you and your family can live the life you’ve always imagined.

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April 2023

Retirement FAQ

Reexamine your retirement with answers to frequently asked questions (FAQ) about when to retire, how much money you’ll need, and what to include in your plan.

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January 2023

Make a Play to Get Out of Debt

To win the game against debt, you need to know the rules and show up to practice. Huddle up with a few trick plays to help you sack debt, stay out of the red zone, and get your finances into victory formation.

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October 2022

Financial Health FAQ

Check in with your financial know-how and get answers to frequently asked questions about credit, budgeting, and saving for your future.

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July 2022

Insuring Your Future

Life insurance is an essential element of financial planning, yet many of us may not fully understand or take advantage of the benefits. With knowledge of the basics, you’ll see why life insurance is an important consideration when planning for your family’s financial future.

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April 2022

Financial Literacy for the Federal Employee

With the help of the EAP’s financial services program, you can get the expert assistance and guidance you need to improve your financial literacy, make smart decisions, confidently plan for your future, and maximize your money.

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January 2022

Financial Fitness in a Volatile Climate

Times are tumultuous, and knowing what to do with your money might be unclear right now. Feel better about your future with some basic strategies that safeguard your finances in any environment.

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October 2021

Social Security Benefits FAQ

Get answers to frequently asked questions about how Social Security works, when to apply, and what it means for you and your family’s financial future.

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July 2021

Recalculate Your Financial Prowess

You don’t need to be an accountant to be skilled at managing your money, you just need to be financially literate. Save and invest with confidence, make better financial decisions, and escape future money mistakes by educating yourself on the basics.

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April 2021

Lock in Your Legacy

Estate planning is about more than distributing assets after you die. Protect your property, your family, and your wishes with an organized plan.

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January 2021

Stabilize Your Finances for an In-Flux Future

With a cloudy financial forecast, it’s important to have an umbrella on hand to shelter your finances and future from being left without cover in the rain.

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Dog sitting next to a gravestone

May 2023

Life After Loss

Dealing with loss — whether it’s a loved one, pet, relationship, home, or job — is almost never easy. Life can change the moment we lose them, so we experience some type of grief. Discover how to acknowledge your feelings, take care of yourself, and cope with the adjustment.

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September 2023

Building More Belonging

Fitting in feels good, and deep down, it’s what we all want. Belonging to a group — whether at work or within our family or other special interests — satisfies our innate need for connection. Feelings of connection stimulate personal growth, fulfillment, and overall happiness. Discover the importance of belonging and what you can do to make others at work and in your community feel more included.

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December 2022

Do What You Love. Love What You Do.

It’s a common misconception that living life to its fullest may require overhauling your personal life or drastically changing your career. In reality, it’s more about feeling more satisfied each day. Keep reading for simple tactics to help you discover your passions and start doing more of what makes you happy.

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November 2022

Making Happiness a Daily Decision

We all strive to be happy. In fact, much of what we do each day is driven by the desire to be happier. What we don’t always realize, however, is that much of what we do to bring about more happiness, and even our view of what that looks like, can often have the opposite effect.

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December 2021

Opt for More Optimism

Positivity has been linked to better life satisfaction and happiness. Discover how to improve your outlook and enjoy a more fulfilled life.

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September 2020

The Invisible Illness

Many health conditions and their symptoms are evident, either because they're physically visible or because they can be verified through biopsies, scans, or other medical tests. Mental health illnesses, however, aren’t always as obvious. With millions of people in the U.S. affected by mental illness each year, breaking the stigma is imperative.

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Give Yourself Some Grace

November 2023

Give Yourself Some Grace

In a world where stress and strife are often the norm, compassion and forgiveness are like aloe for our souls, soothing us toward a more peaceful, fulfilling life. Discover how being kinder and more empathetic toward yourself and others contributes to your overall well-being.

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August 2022

The Importance of Emotional Self-Awareness

Emotions can sometimes get the best of us. With these tips from your Employee Assistance Program (EAP), you can begin to identify how you’re feeling in the moment, adjust your reactions, and experience life with more balance, intention, and empathy.

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February 2022

The Truth About Self-Care

We often hear or read about self-care and its many science-backed benefits, but what self-care really is and looks like may surprise you, and with a better understanding, you can begin to take care of yourself in more meaningful and effective ways.

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Achieve More

December 2023

Achieve More

The new year ahead provides an opportunity to start fresh and commit to pursuing personal and professional objectives by setting a few goals. Goals not only shape our direction, but they also inspire us to reach greater heights. Stay on target by applying the best practices as you set and work toward your goals.

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Person trapped inside a prescription pill bottle

August 2023

What to Know Now About Opioids

Opioid addiction continues to be a major health issue in the United States. Get the latest data, risk factors, and information on where to turn for help for yourself or someone you care about.

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September 2021

Understanding Addictive Behavior

The path from habit to addiction is typically gradual. An activity that begins as an outlet or a form of comfort can become compulsive, difficult to manage, and interfere with relationships, work, and daily life. Recognize the signs of addictive behaviors and disrupt harmful patterns.

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June 2022

Gelling the Generations: Tips for Finding Common Ground

There are many benefits to working on a diverse team, but generational differences can sometimes present challenges. Here are some tips to help you remain united and work better together toward a common goal.

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March 2022

Staying Happy and Healthy While Working from Home

Telecommuting has its advantages but can also leave you feeling disorganized and disconnected at times. Discover how to feel and do your best while working remotely.

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