Child Safety Kit

Improve your child’s safety and gain peace of mind 

Making sure that your child is safe is very important and it can be stressful as well. To help you stress less, take advantage of the Child Safety Kit with products designed to help you improve your home’s safety and resources on a variety of child safety topics.

Kit includes
  • Caregiver's wipe-off board
  • Travel first aid kit
  • Outlet plug covers
  • Child identification kit
  • Night light
  • Small object tester
  • Smoke detector calendar stickers
  • A pocket guide to emergency first aid
  • Car seat safety glove box tips
Informational guides
  • Safe sleep for your baby
  • Household poisoning prevention
  • Outdoor safety

Visit the Learning Center and search for "Child Safety" to find more information, including articles, guides, live talks and on-demand webinars.

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