Critical Incident Response (CIR)

What does the CIR team do?

When a traumatic event occurs, using CIR services can help minimize the long-term effects on your staff and the organization. Our centralized, dedicated team of CIR specialists are clinical professionals specially trained in CIR. The CIR team is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and has an average of 17 years of experience. CIR counselors help staff process and cope with the emotional and physical impacts of a traumatic event by fostering their natural resilience, coping skills and strategies.

A broad range of CIR services are available and they are deployed according to your organization’s unique needs. Services include Psychological First Aid (PFA), Management Consultations, group and individual support to affected staff members and telephonic crisis support. Services are confidential and here to provide staff members with the resources and support they need to manage potential stress and anxiety through an event and return to their regular life. Tragic events may include, but are not limited to:

  • Unexpected death of a co-worker
  • Workplace injury
  • Safety disaster
  • Robberies and acts of violence
  • Criminal violations
  • Industrial or natural disaster
  • Organizational restructuring or layoffs

How does CIR work?

The first step is consult with you on what happened and assess the situation. Once the situation is assessed and a plan of action is developed, we will send a CIR counselor to your work site within an appropriate and agreed upon time frame. The CIR counselor will conduct an onsite structured intervention to help manage the incident, when appropriate, and be available to management staff and individual staff members as needed.

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