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Relationship Wealth: A Couple’s Guide to Financial Health

The thought of returning to the office after working remotely may prompt an array of emotions. Join us for this session as we review strategies for thriving in evolving work arrangements. We’ll discuss the nuances of transitioning back to an in-office or hybrid work scenario, provide information and resources for a successful and fulfilling return, and offer suggestions for staying connected with everyone.

Wednesday, April 10, 2024
1:00-2:00pm ET | Register

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March 2024

Hybrid Synergy: Guidance for Modern Work Arrangements

The thought of returning to the office after working remotely may prompt an array of emotions. Join us for this session as we review strategies for thriving in evolving work arrangements. We’ll discuss the nuances of transitioning back to an in-office or hybrid work scenario, provide information and resources for a successful and fulfilling return, and offer suggestions for staying connected with everyone.

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The recording and transcript of each webinar, a copy of the slides, and a resource handout are posted to this page about two weeks following the live event. Titles are added regularly, so be sure to check back often! To view or listen to a recorded webinar, click on the recording link within the description. The video should automatically begin once the window opens. Use the controls at the bottom of the page to start, stop, and pause as needed.

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Anxiety, Stress, and Resilience

February 2024

From Surviving to Thriving: Overcoming Trauma and Building Resilience

In the face of adversity, the human spirit has an incredible capacity to heal and flourish. This webinar includes information on processing emotions, coping with uncertainty, building resilience, and supporting children after a traumatic event. We’ll also offer guidance on supporting others on a similar path and provide helpful resources.

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March 2023

The Gloves are Off: Facing the Fight with Your Anxiety

When you’re in the ring of life, it’s natural to occasionally be hesitant about what you may be facing. Though, if you constantly feel like you’re being saved by the bell or your unease boxes you into the corner, anxiety may be striking a punch and tempting you to throw in the towel. In this session, we’ll take our gloves off, go toe-to-toe with anxiety, and show you how to roll with the punches.

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February 2023

Everyday Resilience: Stay Grounded and Stroll Past Stress

Along life’s path, we’re bound to encounter bumps in the road and hairpin turns that catch us off guard. Tell stress to take a hike by attending this webinar that explores various routes to help you march confidently past daily challenges and make bigger strides toward more resilience.

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February 2022

Self-Care: Dealing with Stress

You’ve heard the directions on an airplane about putting on your oxygen mask first before assisting others with theirs, right? This is to ensure you’re better able to take care of those around you and is a lesson we all should be mindful of in times of stress: take care of yourself first to better handle stresses that lie ahead. Join us as we cover types of stress and reveal self-care strategies that can help you prevail and nurture your spirit.

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February 2021

Your Roadmap to Caregiving: Being There for Adult Loved Ones

When an older loved one becomes ill or injured, we often assume the role of caregiver without question. But before long, questions may arise. Lots of them. The journey is unpredictable and can quickly go from dutiful to daunting, especially for first-time caregivers. This webinar provides a guided tour of caregiving essentials to help navigate the winding road of caring for older loved ones.

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May 2021

Facing Conflict: There’s No Avoiding It

Conflict is inevitable, yet many of us don’t know how to handle it effectively. Some of us even avoid it at all costs. But dodging conflict isn’t always the best way to resolve an issue. This presentation provides helpful tactics and expert advice on facing challenging interactions and everyday disagreements with civility and respect.

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June 2023

Parenting Hacks: Your Summer Game Changer

When school’s out, schedules can get tossed aside and leave the whole family scrabbling. Don’t miss this chance as we clue you in on some tricks for a summer that’s fun and productive. These hacks will help you master anything from keeping a routine and creating a summertime bucket list to staying connected. Let’s prove that summer doesn’t have your family moving back two spaces or twisting down chutes, but up ladders and exclaiming Yahtzee! (Bonus! Can you spot 12 game-related words in this description?)

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September 2022

Effects of Intimate Partner Violence

According to the National Commission on COVID-19 and Criminal Justice, there’s been an 8.1% increase in intimate partner violence during the pandemic. View this webinar to gain an understanding of relationship violence, review our nation’s latest statistics, and learn the signs to watch for, who’s most vulnerable, and how to get help for yourself or someone you care about. Ultimately, knowledge and awareness of this sensitive subject could be the key to saving a life.

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January 2024

Smart Tax Planning: Your Guide to Financial Literacy

Understanding taxes and incorporating smart planning practices are central to achieving your financial goals. Follow along as a financial expert from the Institute for Financial Education ( imparts the knowledge and tools to make confident tax decisions.



Father and son adding coins to a piggy bank
October 2023

Your Well-Being and Theirs: Set Up Your TSP to Benefit You and Your Heirs

Your Thrift Savings Plan (TSP) is a valuable, built-in retirement plan provided by your federal employer. Many people set it and forget it, but should you? In this session, an expert from the Institute for Financial Education ( sheds some light on clever and creative ways to leverage your TSP to maximize your benefits so you can design a financial plan around your interests and those of your family.



July 2023

Advanced Social Security Planning

When it comes to Social Security, you may have questions that go beyond the basics of collecting benefits. You may wonder if you should begin drawing at age 62, 66, or 70, and whether delayed retirement credits are the way to go. Should you file for your own benefits, or suspend them and let your spouse collect half? How can you leverage IRAs to grow your Social Security by 8% a year? Get answers to these questions and more in this advanced Social Security planning session presented by the Institute for Financial Education (



April 2023

Recession-Ready Retirement

Imagine looking forward to sunsetting your career for the better part of your professional life, only to watch your nest egg sink down into the horizon along with the sun. This is what retiring in a recession could look like, but there are things you can do to block your savings from the harmful rays of an economic downturn. With the help of a financial planning expert from the Institute for Financial Education ( and some SPF-GDP, you’ll be sitting with your toes in the sand just like you planned.




January 2023

Your Training Plan to Trim Down Debt

Getting your debt in shape requires an exercise regimen aimed at building a more solid budget and bulking up your credit. But don’t sweat it — an expert from the Institute for Financial Education ( will coach you through some exercises to tone up your budget, strengthen your credit, and engage your debt in some active recovery.



July 2022

Life Insurance: Your Well-Being Asset

Most of us are familiar with life insurance policies and understand that they exist to ensure our family members are taken care of financially after we die. What some may not realize is that life insurance is one of the most important aspects of a personal financial plan. In this session, a financial expert from the Institute for Financial Education ( will shed some light on how life insurance

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May 2023

Grief and Loss: The Journey of Healing Your Heart

Dealing with loss — whether it’s a loved one, pet, relationship, home, or job — is almost never easy. Life can change the moment we lose them, so we experience some type of grief. Discover how to acknowledge your feelings, take care of yourself, and cope with the adjustment.

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November 2023

Humility and Forgiveness: The Compassionate Path to Health and Well-Being

Having a sense of overall well-being involves living a life of meaning and purpose, maintaining positive relationships, and being free of excessive stress, guilt, and grief over personal setbacks and failures. This webinar explores what’s required to get to such a state: forgiveness and humility (for ourselves and others), an enhanced level of self-acceptance, recognizing and accepting our strengths and weaknesses, and the ability to grow and move on from our mistakes. We’ll come to realize that the relationship between forgiveness and humility plays an important role in achieving true well-being.

Slides | Resources | Six Stages of Forgiveness | Activities to Enhance Humility


Group of people holding hands
September 2023

Better Together: Why Belonging and Well-Being Go Hand-in-Hand

We all crave to be a part of something, to fit in, and to be respected for who we are. This webinar explores this vital sense of belonging, ways to spread more belongingness within our work and life communities, and how to influence others to do the same. Let’s make an effort together to create more intentional connections and grow a greater sense of belonging.

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November 2022

Cultivating Contentment for Improved Mental Health

Better mental health is linked to contentment and life satisfaction. While we can’t be completely content all the time, we can make it a goal and take conscious steps toward it. This webinar explores how contentment can positively affect your well-being and offers tips and resources for cultivating more of it each day.

Transcript | Slides | Resources | Contentment Activities

December 2023

Gain Motivation to Create Habits that Stick

A new year is a good time for a new you, too! Let’s get stage-ready with a proactive plan for habit-making success. This webinar helps you find your motivation, direct you to set a purpose, and produce a goal that will turn into the life habit you’ve always wanted to adopt.

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December 2022

7 Thought-Provoking Questions that Help You Find Your Life Purpose

The pandemic has magically compelled some of us to ask ourselves: What’s my life’s purpose? While we’ve had some time to ponder this mystifying question, many of us are still waiting to see what the cards will reveal. With some sleight of hand and a few tricks up our sleeve, we’ll unveil strategies for conjuring more meaning in your life, and possibly pull a bunny out of your hat.

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August 2022

Thoughts, Feelings, and Behaviors: How They Work Together

Our thoughts, feelings, and actions are all interconnected. At times, however, we fall into unproductive or negative thought patterns and allow our feelings to control our behavior. The key to disrupting these patterns is understanding the differences between your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors and how they influence one another. This session helps connect the dots to improve emotional regulation and develop strategies for more productive thoughts that lead to better behavior.

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August 2023

The Opioid Epidemic: The Crisis Continues

Opioid addiction continues to be a major health issue in the United States. Get the latest data, risk factors, and information on where to turn for help for yourself or someone you care about.

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June 2022

Working Effectively with Multi-Generational Coworkers

While generational diversity is beneficial in any workplace, functioning effectively and attaining cohesion can sometimes be complicated for a team made up of several age groups. This session focuses on the value of learning from and teaching one another, appreciating each person’s unique skills and experience, and finding common ground in the name of working toward a shared goal.

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March 2022

Remote Worker Well-Being: Managing Your Time, Energy, and Organization

While regular work-at-home has been increasing for many years (up 216% since 2005*), the pandemic has given even more rise to the trend. Along with its many appealing benefits, working from home can also present some unique challenges. Whether you've worked remotely for years or you're new to the concept, this webinar provides valuable tips for managing your time and energy and staying organized and productive while on the job at home.

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*Global Workplace Analytics, 2022