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Creating a safe and productive environment and keeping employees engaged in their work are common goals for managers and supervisors. The EAP provides a variety of services and resources to support you in this effort, including confidential consultations on everyday management challenges. Get expert guidance on handling performance issues, supporting staff during traumatic events, leading your team through organizational changes, referring employees to the EAP, and much more.

And because you're an employee and a manager, we're here to help with any personal or work-related issues you may encounter, just as we would for your staff members.

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Quarterly Live Sessions

Each quarter, your EAP hosts a live webinar specifically for managers and supervisors. Topics range from change management and dealing with conflict, to leading with emotional intelligence and fostering a mentally healthy work environment. Click the webinar calendar link below to view this year's offerings and register for upcoming sessions.

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Upcoming Webinar  |  March 2024

A meeting between in-office and remote employees

From Anywhere with Impact: Managing Hybrid Teams with Their Well-Being in Mind

The landscape of team management has evolved significantly with the advent of hybrid work models. Discover how to harness the complexities of managing hybrid teams while balancing employee well-being. We’ll provide tactics to promote a thriving and resilient hybrid workforce and ensure employees stay productive, engaged, and motivated.

Wednesday, March 27, 2024
1:00-2:00pm ET  |  Register


Most Recent  |  December 2023

Stair steps leading up to a final goal target

Focused and Self-Assured: How Setting Goals Can Improve Leaders’ Success and Well-Being

What are your goals, and how do they compare to those of a strong leader? If you’re feeling lost, this webinar can help you begin forging a path forward. We’ll start by looking within ourselves, finding purpose, and viewing the bigger picture. Then, we’ll zoom in on incremental steps and how to make goals that are challenging yet realistic. When the hour is up, you’ll know where you’re going and how to get there. That’s what we call success.

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On-Demand Webinar Recordings

The recording and transcript of each webinar, a copy of the slides, and a resource handout are posted to this page about two weeks following the live event. Titles are added regularly, so be sure to check back often!

To view or listen to a recorded webinar, click on the recording link within the description. The video should automatically begin once the window opens. Use the controls at the bottom of the page to start, stop, and pause as needed.

Becoming a More Mindful Manager

Mindfulness has been shown to have many benefits and can be an especially valuable tool for helping managers become more effective leaders. Mindful managers are more aware, present, empathetic, and better able to see things from someone else’s perspective. This session will guide you through these qualities and discuss strategies for growing and refining them to become a more mindful leader.

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Best Practices for Managing and Supporting Teleworkers

Managing a remote team is the latest sought-after skill for leaders. Many supervisors, however, find themselves with little or no prior training to manage remote workers and have had to get creative to ensure their teams remain engaged, connected, and performing at a high level. Join this webinar for tips to help you manage a remote workforce with ease and skills to tackle this challenge directly so you and your team can thrive, not just survive.

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Creating a Sense of Belonging for Enhanced Team Wellness

Building a sense of belonging can provide an environment where everyone believes they have purpose and identity and are psychologically safe. Join this webinar to explore what belonging is and why it matters. We’ll also discuss how to develop your ability to be intentional about inclusion and enhance your team culture. Not only will you evolve into a stronger leader for it, but your team will feel supported, appreciated, and engaged.

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Curbing Confirmation Bias

As a supervisor, you often have to make quick decisions, though you likely seldom stop to think about how you’ve arrived at those decisions. Sometimes, we make choices based on information that supports our preconceived beliefs and ignore or dismiss information that might lead us to a different conclusion. Known as confirmation bias, it can override rational thinking without us even realizing it. This webinar challenges supervisors to consider their own biases and offers strategies to counteract them as a way to improve objective decision-making and maintain a culture of collaboration.

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Effective Feedback

Although many managers may find it daunting, giving feedback to employees is an incredibly powerful tool. When delivered appropriately, even if it’s not always positive, providing regular feedback enhances employee relationships and improves team morale and productivity. We’ll help you gain desirable outcomes and happy employees by exploring practical approaches to imparting thoughtful, effective, and frequent feedback.

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Focused and Flexible: Managing Amid Uncertainty

As a supervisor, you occasionally must deliver unexpected news or announce agency changes to employees and, subsequently, mitigate feelings of loss and anxiety as they question what lies ahead—all while appearing cool and confident. This supervisor webinar examines how change impacts the individual and the organization and outlines your role in strengthening team commitment and maintaining productivity. We’ll also review the importance of practicing self-care to help you stay focused and flexible during periods of instability.

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Fostering a Mentally Healthy Workplace

Investing in fostering a mentally healthy work culture helps reduce absenteeism and healthcare costs and improves employee morale and productivity. With statistics revealing that one in four adults has a diagnosable mental health disorder, now is the time to proactively support a healthy environment. This webinar provides insight into addressing mental health in the workplace and managing the culture to improve the quality of your employees’ lives at work.

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More Than a Boss: Key Strategies to Become a True Leader

All leaders are bosses, but not all bosses are leaders, and the differences are crucial. Do you simply oversee your staff or motivate and inspire them? Do you merely show up to work or put in the work, too? This webinar reveals how supervisors can evolve into true leaders by elevating skills and fine-tuning their management style.

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Problem-Solving Consultations: A Resource for Supervisors

Your supervisor role requires you to be many things to many people. You may contemplate questions like, “What do I say to an underperforming employee? How should I address the upcoming reorganization with staff? What can I do if I suspect someone is drinking on the job? Should I act on my concern about performance changes in a stellar employee?” Discover how confidential consultations with the EAP can help you get answers to these questions and problem-solve almost any management situation.

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Rehumanizing Your Workforce Amid Conflict

Conflict can arise just about anywhere, especially at work. After all, a third of our life is spent interacting with groups of diverse coworkers. There’s a delicate balance between speaking your mind and keeping things professional, so handling confrontations with care is crucial. This webinar focuses on approaching workplace disagreements with understanding, empathy, and compassion and suggests ways to arrive at solutions constructively together.

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Stay Interviews: The Supervisor’s Secret to Retaining Talent

It’s no surprise that receiving the resignation of a high-performing employee is one of the biggest fears supervisors have. The loss of a valuable team member can leave a gaping hole in productivity and spirit, so keeping your best talent on board is imperative. This webinar provides effective tactics to help you stay connected to your employees, decrease the chances of them looking elsewhere, and keep you from wondering if there was more you could have done to retain them.

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Supporting Employees' Mental Health

Although research shows that there’s been a slight decrease in mental health stigma since the pandemic and that workers now feel more comfortable talking about behavioral health in the workplace, stigma still exists across all spheres of society.

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You're Not a Fraud: Overcome Imposter Syndrome

Negative thinking is a natural pitfall of our brains. As leaders, we are often put in positions that might make us uncomfortable, causing us to doubt ourselves and our abilities. In this webinar, we’ll help you take off the mask, reveal your true self, and get on a path to lead with confidence.

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Supervisor Campaigns

March 2024

EAP Campaign Poster - February 2022

Are Your Hybrid Employees Thriving?

Today’s post-remote renaissance offers challenges and opportunities for how your employees work together. Ensuring that every member of a hybrid team thrives involves a mix of strategic planning, communication, and empathy. See what you can do to promote wellness and foster a positive culture in a blended work environment.

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Appreciating Difference

Challenge your beliefs about others and adjust your view to see the value in what makes everyone different.

PDF Newsletter (Text Only) | Poster

Are Your Employees Psychologically Safe?

Although research shows that there’s been a slight decrease since the pandemic, mental health stigma still exists across all spheres of society. Discover how you can manage culture to improve your employees’ quality of life.

Keep Reading

The Fundamentals of Feedback

Commenting on your employees’ performance can be intimidating, yet it’s one of the most effective ways you can interact with and motivate your team. Discover how to give feedback that’s constructive, inspiring, and leads to results.

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Get Goaling

To thrive as a leader, it’s best to know where you’re headed and to set milestones for how you’ll get there. Setting clear, actionable, and achievable goals should be the backbone of your strategy, stimulating motivation, alignment, and direction. Explore the proven recommendations below to aid you in forming and accomplishing your goals.

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Get Your Team Together

Supervisors play a crucial role in advancing unity and team cohesion among employees. The more your employees feel unified as a team, the better they feel about contributing to the overall agency mission. Here are some strategies supervisors can use to help their employees feel more unified.

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Manage Your Mindset to Improve Your Leadership Prowess

An effective leader engages and inspires employees and is productive and connected to the agency. Being all of this, on top of often being everything to everyone, is taxing and it’s sometimes a feat just to get through the day. It may surprise you to learn that being effective isn’t about doing more — it’s about being more mindful about what you’re already doing.

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Mental Health Awareness at the Office

Promote a mentally healthy workplace for your employees. Understand the facts and learn how to provide support.

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Navigating the Seas of Change

The seas of change can be rough. Keep the wind in your sails and your crew on board with guidance from your EAP.

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Promoting a Positive Work Environment

A work culture that fosters collaboration, supports inclusion, and encourages camaraderie can lead to happier, healthier, and more motivated employees. Discover how you can create a more enjoyable work experience for your team with these tips.

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Recognition + Reward = Retention

Keep your team intact by showing employees that they are valued, respected, and appreciated.

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Remote but not Removed: Curating Cohesion Among At-Home and In-Office Employees

Today’s hybrid at-home/in-office workforce presents many challenges and benefits. Keep your team on the same page from any location with strategies and support from your Employee Assistance Program.

PDF Newsletter (Text Only) | Poster

The Self-Assured Supervisor

As a leader, you deal with many challenges each day. On occasion, you may feel defeated, question your abilities, and wonder whether you’re making a difference. But even in the most difficult of times, your confidence still lies deep inside. Discover how to unlock it when you need it the most.

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Supervisors Need Support, Too

You’re there for your employees – we’re here for you. Discover all the ways you can and should reach out to the EAP for confidential support, guidance, and answers.

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Keeping a team of professionals motivated to come back each day and produce great work – because they want to – is a big deal, though it isn’t always easy to ensure. Cohesion and camaraderie play significant roles in how your employees feel about their jobs, as bonded coworkers are the crux of a successful team.

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What Employees Want: Qualities of an Ideal Leader

Research shows that an employee’s positive relationship with their supervisor increases job satisfaction. Become the kind of leader that employees respect, appreciate, and want to work for.

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