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Employee Assistance and WorkLife Programs

Your Employee Assistance Program and WorkLife4You benefits are now all in one place! 

You can now fulfill all your EAP and Worklife4You service needs by simply remembering one website address. Continue to explore the benefits and information offered by your EAP, or click on the new WorkLife4You Services tile above to see all the ways you can achieve more balance between your work and personal responsibilities.

Note: Access to the WorkLife4You Services tile is limited to agencies that have secured WorkLife4You services through FOH. Due to variances in benefits by agency, an agency-specific registration code is required to log in. If you're unsure of your agency's registration code, please contact your employee benefits or human resources department.

Need help?

Look for the Live Chat button on the right side of each page.
Live Chat is available Monday-Friday from 8:00am to 6:30pm ET. If you send a message outside of these hours, someone will respond the next business day.

Services provided through the EAP and WorkLife programs are voluntary and confidential. Utilization of either program is not reported to your employer or maintained in a personnel file. The only exceptions are cases involving referrals that are subject to federal drug-free workplace policies, if you consent to share information, or if FOH is required by applicable law to report a situation to an appropriate person or office (e.g., in cases of child or elder abuse or threats to commit self-harm or harm to others).

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